Sunday, October 10, 2010

College girl

4 of my favorite people
She came home for her very first visit after ever being away since August 20.  She loved being in her bed and sleeping in.  8am classes every morning have taken their toll.  Between being pre-Med, playing tennis 3-4 hours a day and classes she is one tired, and sick, girl.  She's had a sinus infection and nagging cough off and on since she left us but hopefully a visit to our wonderful doc her in St. Louis diagnosed and prescribed things to knock it out.

We had girl time (at Nordstrom & California Pizza Kitchen), Thursday night tv time, tennis (w/her old coach) time, visit w/both sets of grandparents time and a visit with our college working boy at the mall (who graciously used his discount at Banana Republic to buy his sister a pair of shoes).

College girl is loving life even though its hard.  I'm so incredibly proud of her and her drive to excel at her classes and her sport.  Her most recent tournament at Notre Dame she fought through feeling horrible to beat two girls from Miami of Ohio & Kansas.  She had some losses too, but is playing incredibly well.

Cannot wait to see her again at Thanksgiving.  This college thing is dumb dumb dumb.


katyvee said...

She is CUTE.
And she has my same nike running shorts.
That makes me feel young and hip--
though I am neither.
So glad you both got to have enachothers darlingness for a minute..
she is lucky to have a Mama that loves her so!

kelly said...

you know i agree with the dumb dumb dumb thing but it is so good for them to be independent and mature. doesn't make it any easier! so happy you got to see her and have fun girl time! she is so tall and pretty!

Abby said...

So fun--except the part where she leaves and gets sick. What a beauty, and you can tell she's fun to boot! No fair that moms put in all this hard work and then don't get to spend enough time with the fruits of their labor! Cruel, really.

Emma Jo said...

Seriously gorgeous...and now can I just say that weren't you and Todd my primary teachers like, yesterday? And you were pregnant with Michael and eating Saltines during class. That was fun. So fun for her, sooo can't believe that you have a daughter old enough to be missing while at college.