Sunday, October 10, 2010

College girl

4 of my favorite people
She came home for her very first visit after ever being away since August 20.  She loved being in her bed and sleeping in.  8am classes every morning have taken their toll.  Between being pre-Med, playing tennis 3-4 hours a day and classes she is one tired, and sick, girl.  She's had a sinus infection and nagging cough off and on since she left us but hopefully a visit to our wonderful doc her in St. Louis diagnosed and prescribed things to knock it out.

We had girl time (at Nordstrom & California Pizza Kitchen), Thursday night tv time, tennis (w/her old coach) time, visit w/both sets of grandparents time and a visit with our college working boy at the mall (who graciously used his discount at Banana Republic to buy his sister a pair of shoes).

College girl is loving life even though its hard.  I'm so incredibly proud of her and her drive to excel at her classes and her sport.  Her most recent tournament at Notre Dame she fought through feeling horrible to beat two girls from Miami of Ohio & Kansas.  She had some losses too, but is playing incredibly well.

Cannot wait to see her again at Thanksgiving.  This college thing is dumb dumb dumb.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Stream of Consciousness

Wish I were better at blogging.  You'd think with only one child at home and a husband gone 75% of the time I'd have more time but, life gets in the way.  Going through each day I have so many thoughts.  May I share?

* I really do not enjoy picking up my dog's poo on our thrice daily walks.  She used to do this little duty in the back yard, but recently we got an electric fence to contain the little monster who was escaping the real fence.  Now, she hates the backyard.  So, I'm not running all over the neighborhood trying to find her anymore but I get to stand by the side of the road while she does her business.

*On those daily walks I've gotten to know my neighborhood quite well.  I pass one house where I know inside is a woman, 35 - mother of 2, dying of cancer.  I so appreciate my body and health each day when I pass her house and say a prayer for her and her family.

*My youngest plays too many video games.  His current favorite is a Spiderman Wii that he paid half of.

*Same youngest has had 3 friends over from school, all girls.

*I am so proud and grateful for my two oldest.  They work so hard in school and at their sports.  They are so good.  I am truly blessed.  (And my girl is coming home for fall break on Thursday - YAY!!)

*My husband is looking at Harleys.  I'm really excited about that.

*I want to renew our vows in August.  25 years.  I'm trying to convince my dearest that it will not be cheezy.

*Andrew's dream of a 10 pound praying mantis will be the basis of a story he has to write for school.

*I tried a TRX class at my gym yesterday.  Awkward, hard and I am so sore today - but I can't wait to go back.

*Thank goodness for Skype

*Fall clothes are way more fun than summer.

*I found peppermint ice cream at the store tonight.  The holidays are upon us.

I could keep going, but AJ is out of tub and ready to watch Biggest Loser.  Told ya, it would be random.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fun on a Friday Night

I have to say that when my daughter came home one weekend night and told me she'd been playing beer pong I was none too happy - until she told me she plays with water.  So she taught us how to play at home and its kinda fun.  AJ decided that's what he wanted to do last night with his elderly parents, so we obliged.  Taping balls to the eyes is great fun as well.  

Monday, May 17, 2010


18 years ago we had an unfortunate July 4th incident with Son A (Michael).  After a sparkler accidentally found his cornea and scratched it, we had an ER trip and some pain, but a happy boy the next morning.  What are the chances of that happening again?  

Fast forward to this past weekend and Son B (Andrew) was happily playing with a stick, fighting invisible bad guys, when he ran in the back door crying.  I knew enough from our last incident that an ER trip was in our future, so................
Where else does one enjoy spending a Friday night?  Honestly, its a pretty interesting place to people watch.  We got some great care, had a good night's sleep, sported an eye patch and glasses all weekend to keep out the light - and today he's good as new!

These boys are two peas in a pod (other than one being blessed with artistic talent and one, not so much).  

Friday, April 9, 2010


We were definitely the parents in the minority not allowing our daughter to head to Mexico for Spring Break.  So instead, she found the only other friend (Matti - who became Andrew's new best friend) who had such horrid parents as us and we all headed to Longboat Key Florida for a much needed bit of warm weather.  Problem was, for the first few days of the trip St. Louis had higher temps than sunny Florida - which was rainy and windy for the start of the trip.  

Things worked out just fine though.  Four days in the hot, Florida sun got the girls their much desired TANS

                                                             JOLLY COUSIN TIME
                                                    (Caroline & Andrew livin' the life)

                                                             COUPLE TIME


                                                                    DAD TIME

                                           AQUARIUM TIME (evil sharks in background)


                                                       TODD WITHOUT HIS I-PHONE

Even though "College Boy" couldn't make it, it was fun to have most of us together for an entire week.

Monday, March 8, 2010

If You Had an Extra $1,500 ....

What would you choose to spend it on?  A fun, warm getaway maybe?  Or some new furniture?  Or how about kidney stone surgery for your dog.  Oh yes, that's what I would choose.  Seriously, the cost of things in the dog health care world is worse than the people world.  We've already had x-rays and blood work to prepare for surgery day (tomorrow) and part of the special surgery package is sending the stones off to the University of Minnesota to be analyzed so we can figure out what special food she needs so this doesn't happen again.  So for the next two weeks I get to have a dog recovering from surgery with one of those cone things around her neck and I don't get a warm vacation or new furniture.  Good thing she is warm and cuddly!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Totally Random Post

My darling daughter likes to come home from school and make herself a nest on the couch to do her homework/text/catch up on American Idol.  Inside the nest today was hummus and carrots; dirty socks; a laptop; a backpack and assorted books; car keys - well you get the idea.  The nest was unoccupied as I was setting up MODERN FAMILY (Not a repeat tonight!!!) to record and I vowed to not clean it up as I normally do (nice mom that I am).  Daughter did not handle it well when I asked her to tidy up nest as she was heading out the door to a high school basketball game.  I held my ground.  I have reclaimed the couch!

My oldest boy is having an adventure - surfing, ALONE, in California.  I put my foot down, many times - but eventually caved.  He did master Italy last year, although not alone.  So, rental car and hotel, rented surfboard and purchased wet suit, he is having the spring break he wanted.  He's much like his mom who every once in a while needs a bit of alone time.

My little one - still so innocent and soooo sweet.  The other day we dropped off donations at the Shriner's Childrens' Hospital - unused Happy Meal toys and new books.  The kind man behind the counter wondered if Andrew might want a totally cool multi color light up sword.  Uh, yeah?  Even though these are very similar to the Made in China glow swords we succumb to every year on vacation that usually break by the end of the night, still - what boy can resist?  As we're back in the car he thoughtfully said, "Mom, I guess that's karma.  We did something nice for them and they did something nice for us."  How does he know what karma is?

I continue to be the work week widow of a man who travels the country - last week from Alaska to Seattle to El Paso with a cab that caught on fire somewhere in between.  We should downsize our house because he's here less than he's away.  He works hard and I am grateful.

As enthralling as this "random" post is, my Panera you pick two is now eaten and a brand new Modern Family is queued up waiting.  Thanks for passing the time!!